School bullying and the role of social media


  • Nikolaos Drakatos
  • Eleni Tsompou
  • Zoe Karabatzaki
  • Anna Maria Driga


School bullying, cyberbullying, SMU, cyber-perpetration, cybervictimization,


This study investigates the situation of school bullying, which has become a global concern in recent years. Bullying in school, which can take many different forms and has an effect on both the offender and the victim, has gained significant global significance in recent years. This paper presents the forms of bullying we encounter in the school unit and the crucial role of social media in it. Adolescent life now includes using social media inextricably. Social Media Use (SMU) could have harmful effects on teenage health, such as exposing them to aggressive content online. We looked at how teenagers engaged in SMU varied by age, gender, and country, as well as the connections between SMU and victimization and cyberbullying. SMU and cyberbullying vary among nations according to gender and developmental trends. Participating in SMU was linked in pooled analyses to experiencing cyberbullying victimization. These relationships were more pronounced for females against males and for cyber-perpetrators versus cyber-victims. Cyberbullying, whether as a victim and a perpetrator, was most significantly and consistently linked to problematic SMU. According to stratified studies, SMU was associated with cybervictimization in 19%–45% of nations and cyber-perpetration in 38%–86% of countries. Social media's accessibility and widespread use have created new chances for online hostility. Teenagers' use of social media, problematic behavior, and online conversations are all related to cyberbullying and call for public health action. The danger is greatest and most persistent when it comes to problematic social media use.


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