Special Education Teachers’ Gifted Guidance and the role of Digital Technologies


  • Loukeri Paraskevi – Ioannna
  • Stathopoulou Agathi
  • Anna Maria Driga


leadership, emotionally intelligence, empowerment, special education


The empowerment of followers' personal vision and the quality of their work are both significantly associated with leadership. Additionally, the respect that a group of followers have for a leader is a criterion for labeling the leader as "charismatic - emotionally intelligent." The eventual goal and the chosen techniques are therefore crucial components of good leadership. In this way, a high-level work environment can be guaranteed, safeguarding employees against the effects of job burnout. The effects of job burnout on Special Education teachers appear to be extremely serious both for the teacher's well-being and for the effectiveness of their work. Teachers who experience job burnout tend to be mentally and physically exhausted, despondent, and constantly anxious, keeping themselves to themselves and hard to reach. In order to safeguard teachers from the threat of job burnout, this study will look at the relationship between the emotional intelligence of school administrators and the presence of a supportive work environment.


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