Motivation in Learning Disabilities and the impact of ICTs


  • Vana Gkora
  • Zoe Karabatzaki


motivation, learning disabilities, ICTs, SDT, factors, intrinsic motivation


The value of students' motivation with learning disabilities is significant and their enhancement is a primary goal for learning achievement. Students with learning disabilities are constantly increasing and have less persistence in academic exercises, showing a lack of motivation, while motivation is very much related to the learning process and learning achievements. This article is a literature review investigating the motivation of students with learning disabilities, the importance of enhancing intrinsic motivation, the factors that influence motivation, and the impact of educational technology on the motivation of students with learning disabilities. The results showed that environments that aim to motivate and support students are more effective in enhancing students' learning achievement and motivation, with other findings considering ICT as an important motivation for learning and work, but also a reason for improving the achievement of students, promoting their motivation and improving their attitude towards learning.


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